Teaser - 1


Original Title
41 x 1 Commercial Hour
Weekly, Prime Time


When the tycoon Ilker is arrested over a vicious attack on his secret lover Ela, a jealous love triangle is exposed, dragging the characters on a dramatic, emotional rollercoaster which tears all their lives apart.

Attacked and left for dead one night, Ela is the victim of her love for tycoon Ilker in this tense, emotional rollercoaster. After her mother Bahar blames Ilker, police dramatically detain him shortly before his wedding to girlfriend Irem. As the story of their jealous rivalry emerges, the country is gripped by the fascinating saga.

19-year-old Ela falls desperately in love with Ilker when he speaks at her university. He brushes off her concerns about Irem, dismissing her as a troubled ex-lover. After failing to halt their relationship, Bahar enters a bitter war with Ilker’s mother Hale. They are then all shocked when Ilker marries Irem in prison.

Mortal enemies Ela and Irem are under the spell of Ilker’s selfish manipulations and he succeeds in getting them to defend him in court. With memories of the attack hazy, Ilker is able to weaken the case against him and undermine people’s confidence in Ela.

Thus she becomes the victim once again, attacked by a social media lynch mob. As the jealous rivalry and power games take on a life of their own, she begins to question her sanity. In the electrifying battle which ensues, only Ela’s own mother can help her overcome the forces aligned against her.