Is That Really Your Voice

Singing Talent Show
Weekly, Prime Time
In this fantastic new entertainment show, we turn the traditional studio format on its head because the judges have to make their selections based on looks alone!

Every week, 15 contestants will come onto the stage, each with a numbered label and each of them saying that they can sing. While some of them may have great voices, others will certainly not!

However, they are all convinced that they can sing very well. The aim of the 3 jury members is to guess who is good and who is not.

There are three jury members, all of them famous singers in their own right.

The jury members need to guess correctly over the course of 4 rounds in order to win points for themselves. At the end of every episode, the jury member with the most points will be that week’s winner. They will win 20.000 Euros which is distributed among the contestants who helped them to win.