Is That Really Your Voice

Singing Talent Show
Weekly, Prime Time

In this original and entertaining game show, talented and untalented singers are going to try to impress our celebrities without actually singing in the first place!

Two teams, with three celebrities each, compete against each other in this new musical contest and will have to use all their powers of perception to succeed!

In each episode, 12 contestants will come onto the stage, each with a numbered label, and each of them pretending to be a good singer. While some of them may have great voices, others certainly won't!

The celebrities have one goal: to distinguish the fakes from the genuine articles among the candidates. Do they sing like a diva or like a strangled cat?

The two teams will face each other over the course of four rounds, each funnier than the next. In order to win money for charity they must find the most beautiful voices!

Which team will win its charity the most money?