Trailer (ES Dub)


Quiz Show
1 contestant
Daily, Access Prime

“Joker” is a fun and fast-moving quiz show in which a contestant must answer 10 challenging multiple-choice questions to win a big money prize. As they battle to reach the top of a money tree with right answers, they feel the pressure of knowing that wrong answers will drag them downwards.

The contestant’s task is made easier by seven jokers, each of which can be used to eliminate one of four possible answers. They move one step up the tree with a correct response but lose three jokers if they get it wrong. Once they run out of jokers, they drop three steps with each wrong answer.

Aside from an enthusiastic studio audience cheering them on, the contestant has a bonus source of support in answering the general knowledge questions. They can seek the help of a relative who joins them on stage to answer one of the questions.

Though they may yo-yo up and down the tree, all that matters in this entertaining and rapid-fire show is where they are after answering the tenth question. With thrilling reversals of fortune possible up until the end, viewers are on the edge of their seats, willing the contestant to win and take home the jackpot.