Keep It or Lose It

Game Show
4 contestant
Weekly, Access Prime

“Keep It or Lose It” is a unique and entertaining game show where a team of contestants chooses prizes worth a total $15,000 and must answer seven tough questions to hang onto them. The team of 3 or 4 friends, family or colleagues excitedly pick prizes in a mall but return them if their answers are wrong.

The team chooses a different member to answer each question with a value rising from $500 to $4,500. If the response is incorrect, the contestant gives back the equivalent prize. If they respond correctly in 60 seconds, they get to keep the prize.

If a contestant gets it wrong, they may choose to return items selected by their friends, creating potential tension in the team. When they reach the 4th question, they get a lifeline, such as finding someone in the mall to answer the question or phoning someone for help.

In a format which turns the big prize game show format on its head, contestants are battling to hold onto what they already have. The pressure on them is great as their team is desperate to take home the prizes they chose. They need to be sharp and think quickly if they want to keep it all.