Keep Your Light Shining

Singing Talent Show
9 contestants, 3 jury members
Weekly, Prime Time

“Keep Your Light Shining” is a fully interactive talent show that lasts 13 weeks. It uses dramatic lighting to emphasize the urgency and importance of the singer’s brief chance to impress. Every episode, 9 contestants take to a circular stage in darkness and prepare to sing a song in turns. With less than 30 seconds to sing in the spotlight, they have to give it everything before the light moves onto the next performer. At the end of the song, the audience votes and the 4 lowest ranking contestants are up for elimination. However, a jury of 3 celebrity singers can each choose to protect 1 singer and place them in a safe zone. The remaining contestants start with a new song, and one leaves after every round. The competition continues until the last two must face-off in a duet.

At the end of each episode, two contestants will be replaced, the one who made it through to the grand finale and the one who has been eliminated from the competition. The following week, the competition begins again with remaining seven contestants from the previous show will be joined by two new contestants.