Keep Your Light Shining Remastered

Singing Talent Show
Weekly, Prime Time

“Keep Your Light Shining Remastered” is a thrilling talent show in which seven singers have 30-second opportunities to impress judges in an electrifying battle for a big cash prize and scintillating musical career. The gifted contestants, spellbound audience and dazzling studio blend to create an exhilarating atmosphere.

Each one desperate to find a path to stardom, the contestants sing their hearts out before the jury passes judgement, giving a red X to the weakest performer in every round.  The verdict triggers relief or heart-sinking disappointment, but each song is just one step in the breathtaking contest fought in each episode.

With 10 songs to perform in total, everyone has a series of chances to prove themselves. But a singer’s spotlight is extinguished when they receive a third X and wait to see if they are eliminated. As contestants depart those remaining have more time to prove their talent but only one emerges triumphant.

The winner takes a cash prize and a place in the next episode, to be joined by four more singers chosen by the jury. The two eliminated singers are replaced by new performers. Finally, the best singers assemble for the 13th week grand finale but only one star can win the big prize and launch a sparkling singing career.