Kitchen Games


Fun, Competitive, Delicious… And the winner gets a big prize: a brand new car!

“KITCHEN GAMES” is a studio-based cooking competition, where three funny and mischievous pairs (friends, couples, partners, family members….) compete with each other to win the votes of the jury!

In each episode, the host, the chef and the guest celebrity will judge the food prepared by the pairs.

The format is built on demonstration of skills, tough competition and fun. Engaging contestants, an enthusiastic chef and entertaining conversations are indispensable elements of the show. 

The show starts with the introduction of the contestants and the host.  Then, the chef who is also the show’s main judge announces the food of the day and the ingredients to be used. The contestants will cook the food of the day.

In the first round, the male contestants will head to the kitchen counters to cook the food of the day.  Our host and chef will visit each male contestant and explain which ingredients are to be used.  Meanwhile, the female contestants will sit around the dining table. Our host will go in between the kitchen counters and the dining table throughout the show.

During the cooking process, the chef will visit the male contestants at their counters and meddle in their work, sometimes to help them with the cooking and sometimes just to confuse them.

The female contestants sitting at the dining table will also be active. When the host visits them, they will talk about themselves and their spouses/partners. They will also play little games such as tongue twisters, remembering idioms and proverbs, memory games, and/or short action games.  The winner of these games will be granted a ‘Joker’.

What is a Joker? The winner of the Joker gets the right to sabotage the cooking process of any male contestant other than her own partner/spouse. The sabotage can be in various forms such as taking away an essential kitchen tool or replacing it, changing the ingredient or the amounts of ingredients or stopping the contestant from cooking for a certain amount of time so he’ll be delayed.

Some of the contestants will perform well, while others may perform poorly. In some cases, all contestants may perform well. The male contestants will be evaluated based on two things: their cooking skills and attitudes. Each will be scored out of 10. These two scores will be added to each other.

In this type of evaluation system, a contestant who doesn’t have any skills in cooking may still win the competition due to his appealing attitudes. So, until the last minute, the winner cannot be predicted. After the male contestants finish cooking, the female contestants take their places at the kitchen counters and the male contestants sit at the dining table for the second round.

At the second round, the same rules will apply, and similar surprises will await the contestants and the viewers.

While we might expect a better performance from female contestants, some may disappoint us. On the other hand, some can create miracles even if all her tools are taken away from her by a male contestant who won a Joker. At the end of the second round, just like male contestants, the female contestants will be given two different scores based on their cooking skills and attitudes. The total scores will be then added to the scores their spouses/partners received at the end of first round. The suspense will continue until the last minute since the announcement of the winning couple will be made in an unorthodox way. Instead of announcing the scores from lowest to highest or from highest to lowest, they will be announced based on their seating orders.

The chef will designate the food of the day and the ingredients. The food of the day will be a dish that normally most people know how to cook and/or consume regularly at home. Another option can be to add a special section where contestants will be asked to cook a concept dish. If the food of the day is something most people know how to cook or consume at home regularly, it will be more engaging for the viewers.

While one contestant might not even know how to sauté the onions, another one may be extra creative and for example add orange juice instead of lemon juice to celery and teach a new trick to the viewers.

At the end of the competition, the winning couple will win a car. This big prize will keep the excitement alive throughout the competition.

The viewers will have a blast while watching the competition. The cutthroat competition between the contestants will continue throughout the show.  The contestant couples may be the winner of the car based on either their cooking skills, their appealing attitudes or other smart strategies!