Know It or Face It!

Quiz Game Show
Daily, Access Prime Time
Know It or Face It!” is a quiz challenge game show for couples. The couple must try to make their way to the top of the 10 step money ladder by answering questions correctly. Each step has a corresponding money prize amount, all the way up to the grand prize of $100,000. If one of them fails to answer correctly, the other is given a physical challenge. Before the first question, the couple decides who will be the one to answer the questions, and who will be the one to take on the challenges. Once they’ve decided, the fun begins. For the first five steps, they are given the choice between two answers. Get it right, and move up a step. Get it wrong, and your partner will have to eat chilli peppers, or get a crazy haircut! If they refuse, you stay on the step and don’t advance. If they take on the challenge and get it right, they can move up a step but not accumulate money. Things get tough after the 5th question, and they’re given three answer choices for the questions. Knowledge and bravery will help them make it to the top cash prize of $100,000, but they’ve got to back each other up right to the end.