Teaser (Eng Sub)

Lady Ville

Original Title
30 x 1 commercial hour
Weekly, Prime Time

If you stay in this village for me, you’ll have a lot to cope with

U.S.-educated Ferit falls in love with the beautiful İlkgün from the women-run village of Saklıköy and he must give up city life and live there if he wants to marry her.

Saklıköy is a fairy tale-like place, cut off from the world and filled with beautiful girls who can only marry men that remain in the village. Ferit, who has just returned from his education in America, embraces the challenge of living in what is also known as “Lady Ville”, where women call the shots.

On his return to Istanbul from the United States, Ferit discovers that his father Fikri’s business is doing badly. The only option they have is to sell the property which Fikri still owns in the village which he left, never to return, after fighting with his own father. That land is now used by a villager named Kahya.

Ferit’s younger brother Cüneyt has already unwittingly established his own contact in Saklıköy. While chatting with girls on the Internet he is drawn to a beautiful girl named İlkgün. As she is older than him, Cüneyt sends her Ferit’s photo and she is attracted to him. By coincidence she is Kahya’s daughter.

İlkgün keeps writing after seeing the photo of Ferit and hatches a plan to meet him. However, she conceals the truth that she is a villager, saying that she lives in Istanbul. When Ferit insists on meeting her, she takes her chance when her father is away from Sakliköy and travels from southern Turkey to Istanbul.

Ferit and İlkgün are enamoured with each other at first sight. The young businessman comes from a completely different world and his first thought is to take her away to the big city. But he learns that women are not allowed to leave Saklıköy and men must settle there if they want to marry a village girl.

Saklıköy is like heaven on earth, famous for its natural beauty, atmosphere and traditions. But the village functions according to its own strict rules as its inhabitants fear this beauty will be ruined by people from outside.

In this place of fantasy, there is no way out for men who find love. Those that pass by and fall in love with the girls dressed in traditional costume are known never to return home. While many men shy away, Ferit relishes the opportunity.

Women lay down the rules for men who want to stay. Men cannot tell them to go on diets, they must not come home drunk and they must not gamble. Men must make women happy and never make them cry.

As Ferit and İlkgün fall in love, he also becomes attached to the beauty of the village itself. But the outside world still exerts a pull on him. Only time will tell whether he puts down roots in Saklıköy or whether İlkgün will be the first girl to abandon “Lady Ville”.