Trailer (ENG Sub)

Life Beat

Factual Reality
Weekly, Daytime, 50’

Life Beat” is a reality program that takes place in a medical hospital, where doctors and medical teams examine and diagnose real cases in each episode. The patient’s progress and treatment are followed by the viewers in every step of the way, aiming to present real life cases to the screen and giving information to the viewers about the medical conditions and creating a social awareness.

The cases are presented in detail, backed up with interviews with the patient where possible, the patient’s relatives, the medical team and the hospital staff. Each stage of the treatment starting from the first meeting of the patient and the doctor is observed and the developments are explained thoroughly.

The information about the patient and his/her condition is explained in a parallel way to the life story of the patient.

In each episode, there are 2 cases: an operational main case and a side case. In order to keep the tone as informative and at the same time as optimistic and light as possible, there are also short trivia games played with each patient, stories of other staff of the hospital and their everyday routines, and other elements that would be interesting for the viewer to learn about the way a hospital is run are also part of the program.