Love and Pride

Ongoing Production
Weekly, Prime Time
Show TV
Pride and Prejudice is the story of the young and beautiful Zeynep who is one of the five children of the Esen family.

They live in an old neighborhood of Istanbul. Zeynep is now at the crossroads of taking an important decision in her life: will she accept Murat´s marriage proposal or will she be with Kenan? Murat has been in love with her since they were little, he loved her all this life but she doesn’t really have the same feelings for him. Kenan on the other hand is the young heir of an established and rich family from Istanbul and there is an undeniable attraction between them although they just met each other. Zeynep starts to re-evaluate love. She is torn between Kenan and Murat while the hostility between the two men is rising.

The house Zeynep is living in with her family is the very same house Kenan used to live in as a child. Zeynep finds a diary belonging to the former residents in the basement. This diary will be the key to a big secret.