Love Biz

Original Title
Gönül İşleri
65 X 1 Commercial Hour
Weekly, Prime Time

You children are everything to me. I never want to be apart from you

Sisters Servet, Saadet and Sevda seek to make dreams come true as wedding planners, launching into a new adventure on each special occasion, while trying to salvage their own troubled love lives.

The three sisters Servet, Saadet and Sevda seek to make dreams come true as wedding planners, while struggling to salvage their own troubled love lives. When their mother leaves home, they must all pull together and stand by their father in the face of the chaos around them.

These three powerful and contrasting characters are led by the motherly eldest sister Servet, a control-freak and workaholic. The middle sister Saadet is pure and simple hearted, with an old soul. Sevda, the youngest, is a practical girl who plans everything to the smallest detail.

Their first test is to prepare for Saadet’s own wedding. Servet, who works in a wedding planning company, tries to make her sister’s biggest day as perfect as possible. She also confronts her husband Yılmaz about their own unhappy marriage. Meanwhile, Sevda’s head is full of plans to marry her wealthy boyfriend.

Saadet’s wedding ends in disaster with the whole family at a police station. Police have been seeking her fiancé Asrın for a long time over suspected criminal activity. Saadet finds herself accused of being his partner in crime. Her sensitive soul devastated by the betrayal, she cannot believe her love is a hardened criminal.

Sevda’s life also looks in danger of falling apart when it emerges that she copied from a university assistant in order to graduate. She loses the respect of her boyfriend Tibet and his mother and also apparently her chance of becoming his bride. A savior appears in the shape of Bedir, but she still has more challenges to overcome.

Servet herself struggles to deal with her husband Yılmaz’s betrayal even as she tries to look after her family. Yilmaz acts as if nothing has happened. He has long dreamed of becoming a father, but Servet cannot decide whether to reveal to him that she is pregnant.

As they look beyond their own personal troubles, the three sisters decide to establish their own wedding planning company. Their first task is to find a way to raise the necessary funds. After that, every day is a new challenge and adventure as they organize weddings for people from all walks of life.

As their business flourishes they learn to deal with a wide range of demanding customers. There are the high-society clients and the nouveau riche, the sophisticated and the coarse, the religious and the liberal, the urban and the rural. Each occasion is a new adventure.

From extravagant settings to hot-air balloons, they find themselves dealing with crazy requests that brighten each event. Every day is filled with surprises as loving couples and clashing in-laws walk through their doors. As the sisters create perfect weddings, they struggle to make their own dreams come true.