Lucky Room

Game Show
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“Lucky Room” is a thrilling game show in which three contestants battle it out answering questions, but with their families’ choices determining whether they get a big prize or next to nothing. The entertaining format enables viewers to share in the contestants’ joy and frustration as they seek to take home a fortune.

The contestants answer tough general knowledge questions and once the winner of each round is decided, attention switches to the isolated “Lucky Room” where their families are waiting. They press one of five buttons corresponding to a cash prize ranging from just 10 to 100,000.

The fun for the viewers is in knowing how much each choice is worth, while the family knows nothing and the contestant in the studio can only watch helplessly, shouting in vain which button they should push. The contestant who amasses the most cash over 12 questions gets into the grand finale.

The finalist family must now answer four multiple-choice questions in order to win the total prize money. If they are unsure and chose to eliminate any options, their earnings are halved each time. Get the answers wrong and they go home empty handed; get it right and they’ll celebrate a big money win!