Magnificent Century

Period Drama
Season 1 : 48 x 1 Commercial Hour
Season 2 : 78 x 1 Commercial Hour
Season 3 : 92 x 1 Commercial Hour
Season 4 : 93 x 1 Commercial Hour

My Sultan, this is a trial for us all. Who is friend; who is foe? All will come out

Suleiman the Magnificent becomes entangled in a power struggle between his love Hürrem and advisor ─░brahim that leads to intrigues, plotting and death that will shape the destiny of an empire.

He will be known as Suleiman the Magnificent, ruler of East and West, the sultan whose decades on the throne are the pinnacle of Ottoman power. But here now is the man himself, at the heart of devious court intrigues pitting his most trusted advisor Ibrahim against the formidable love of his life, Hürrem.

During a hunting party in 1520, young Suleiman receives news of his succession to the throne. Leaving his wife and son at their palace in Manisa, he travels with his wise and courageous friend Ibrahim to the imperial seat in Istanbul, Topkapi Palace.

As they journey overland, a ship sails across the Black Sea with female slaves as gifts for the Ottoman palace. Among them is Alexandra, daughter of a Ukrainian priest, who is to become Hürrem, the legendary Roxelana. Captivating the sultan, she rises from slave to wife, bear his sons and helps rule the empire in bloodshed and intrigue.

Amid great pomp and ceremony, Suleiman ascends to the throne aged 26 against a backdrop of tensions between Christian and Muslim lands. The Ottoman Empire is advancing within Europe, having seized control of the eastern Mediterranean, north Africa and Asia Minor.

Suleiman leans heavily on Ibrahim to enforce his rule within the palace and across the empire. Ibrahim, a talented soldier and statesman, is fiercely loyal to the sultan and cements his own position with his marriage to Suleiman’s sister, Hatice Sultan.

Ibrahim also paves the way for Alexandra’s transformation into Hürrem, picking her out for Suleiman. In doing so, he sows the seeds of his own destruction. These two former slaves enter a deadly struggle for the favor of the sultan as they seek to consolidate their power.

Alexandra falls in love the moment she enters Suleiman’s chambers, dazzled by his power and charm. With her rebellious, playful spirit, she stands out among the slave girls. She succeeds in winning Suleiman’s heart, a ring as a seal of his love, and the new name Hürrem, or cheerful one.

By his own hand, Ibrahim has created his worst enemy as Hürrem constantly seeks to undermine his position. In a bid to dislodge her from Suleiman’s heart, he finds another beautiful woman to distract the sultan. Hürrem responds by plotting against her and bringing the downfall of her rival, Ibrahim. From a position of great power, he will end up being beheaded.

As Suleiman conquers the world, his passion for Hürrem comes at a high price. In a bloody and ruthless game of power, she amasses influence in struggles with the sultan’s other wife and the Queen Mother. She may fall out of favor but will return to grace. If it leads to ultimate victory, anything is acceptable.