Magnificent Century Kosem

Period Drama
Season 1 : 84 X 1 Commercial Hour
Season 2: 84 X 1 Commercial Hour
Weekly, Prime Time

Now it’s time to rise like the sun, cascade like a river, roar like a lion

From peasant to sultan, Sultan Ahmed’s great love Kösem defeats enemies and plots to dominate the Ottoman Empire for 40 years, at the cost of her husband, family and her own innocence.

From her origins as a peasant, she fights her way into the royal court, thwarting enemies to become one of the most powerful women in Ottoman history. Kösem will be the great love of Sultan Ahmed Khan and the mother of three sultans. Before then she has many battles to fight.

After a tragedy-filled youth, Ahmed succeeds to the throne after his father’s sudden death in 1603. The painful sight of his father killing his dear brother Mahmud will live with him forever. He faces uprisings in the East and war with the Austrian Empire, threats which even cut short his throne ceremony.

Torn between his heart and the demands of state, Ahmed must kill his seven-year-old brother Mustafa. He also fights enemies keen to exploit his inexperience, such as the Crimean ruler ┼×ahin Giray. For all his sharp wit, ambition and warm heart, Ahmed’s naivety means he needs strong guidance.

Enter Anastasia, who is destined to become Kösem. At first, she is just a beautiful girl in a painting given to Ahmed as a gift. Seeing that he is bewitched by the image of the peasant, his influential grandmother Sultana Safiye orders the girl portrayed in the picture to be brought to the palace.

Free-spirited Anastasia is unique in the harem and Ahmed must work hard to win her love. Rejecting names foisted on her, she chooses a name meaning leader. As Kösem, she changes the fate of Ahmed and the empire. In a world of men, she is destined to rule through her husband, sons and grandson.

With Kösem’s place established in the royal court, power games and plots intensify. Sultana Safiye, the most powerful woman in the palace under previous sultans, has secured Ahmed’s trust by bringing Kösem to the palace. But she won’t hesitate to oppose him to protect her authority.

The plotting becomes more complex as Ahmed´s good-hearted mother Handan seeks to defend what is one of the toughest positions in the royal household. She faces a constant threat from Halime, the grimly ambitious mother of Ahmed´s half-brother, whom she wants to see on the throne.

Lurking in the background is ─░skender, desperately in love with Kösem, who travels from the Austrian border to become a member of the elite janissary corps. Though his relationship with Anastasia is brief he remains passionately in love with her until the end of his life.

Kösem makes many enemies as she fights to protect Ahmed and her children from court intrigues. She will dominate the Ottoman Empire for forty years, a symbol of dazzling power. But this will come at a cost as she loses the man she loves, her family and her sons, as well as sacrificing her innocence.