Match The Family

Game Show
Weekly, Prime Time

Match The Family” is a fun and fascinating contest challenging two teams of three players to use their intelligence and quick wits to identify family members of a person in the studio in a thrilling battle for big money prizes.

“Match The Family” is a fascinating and fun game show challenging two teams of three players to identify family members of a person in the studio. Intelligence, quick wits and gut instinct are crucial to pick out the relative from five candidates, build earnings over five rounds and win a place in the money-spinning final.

Prize money rises from $1,000 to $10,000 over the five rounds as teams first pick out the person’s father with the help of clues about his profession and interests. Competing at high speed, teams jump in with their guesses, boosting their money pot with right answers and reducing it with incorrect answers.

In the next four rounds, they must identify the person’s mother, sibling, child and partner. Teams may use three wildcards in the first four rounds. One lets them view the two peoples’ childhood photos, the second allows teams to see them up close and the third allows them to ask the studio audience.

The team with the most money gets to play in the final quick-fire quiz, answering five personal questions about the family within 150 seconds. With plenty of opportunities for disagreement within the teams, it’s a recipe for high tension, thrills and entertainment.