Mom, Dad… Please Don’t Wear That!

Reality Entertainment
Weekly, Prime Time
Mom, Dad... Please Don't Wear That! is a cool and fun idea in which a group of kids will help other kids update what their parents style so they can look hip and fashionable.

Mom, Dad... Please Don't Wear That! is a Lifestyle Reality that will show one or two particular cases in each episode. Our cameras will follow the parents, who will be tricked into believing the cameras are there for another reason, to show the “before” and “after” of the transformation proposed by our experts.

Thanks to the show, Mom, Dad... Please Don't Wear That! , a group of five precious kids, image and fashion “experts” for fathers and mothers, come to the aid of kids requesting their help. With the help of fashion professional adults, they will create a magical transformation for those parents who have sacrificed their style for their children. Now they can finally dress according to their personality, age, and occasion.

Step by step, we will get to know these kids and their parents in the intimacy of their home. We will go inside their closets to get rid of what is out of fashion and replace it with what is trending. This way, parents and kids will feel renewed and energized by sharing a unique experience – it’s not a secret that looking good has a positive effect on people’s mood and attitude. And who better to give them advice than the kids? They’re the main users of the enormous amount of information available thanks to technology and who, let’s face it, are more up-to-date than the adults.