Cooking Show
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Momsters is a cooking competition where five brides and their mothers- in-law compete together as a team to cook the best meal!

Each day, one of the duos hosts the other mothers- in-law. The daughter-in-law is the contestant and her mother-in-law is the team leader. The menu of the day is determined by the mother. After explaining the menu in detail she sends her daughter-in-law out to do a grocery shopping – upon her return home she starts cooking while her mother-in-law watches and guides her. However, she cannot get any physical help from her! She also has to serve the food to their guests. The other mothers-in-law criticize and comment on the service, table setting and the taste of the food. They then give a score. Throughout the week, each team receives a score, but it’s kept a secret. On Friday’s final, they all get together and evaluate each other’s performance. At the end of the evaluation, the winner of the week is determined.