Music Masters

Singing Talent Show
Weekly, Prime Time
Eight super talented contestants are challenged to keep their spots in the 13 week long contest for as long as they can! Who can remain until the end and who will beat them all to become the Music Master?

In each episode, contestants have a chance to sing one song to begin with and a second one if they dare to do so. Their performance is voted by the studio audience but the score is a secret. It is not revealed at this stage, neither to the contestant nor to the audience or viewers at home. At the end of their first performance, it’s up to the contestants to decide whether they take a second chance or not. The score of the final performance is what counts so they risk it without knowing their first score. The two contestants with maximum points are announced at the end of the episode and battle each other in a duet for the weekly prize money. The jury of the program consists of 2 professional singers who comment about the performances. The three weakest contestants are put in the elimination zone and each of the two jury members can save the contestant of their choice. The remaining contestant is eliminated from the show and a new contestant takes his/her place.