My Style Rocks

Style Format
13 contestants, 3 jury members
Daily, Access Prime
“My Style Rocks” is a studio based fashion game-show.

13 contestants compete over 13 weeks in this daily strip with weekly prime time eliminations. The ladies are given one theme every week to shop for, and a budget that they can use as they wish. Perhaps they will buy a new outfit, or accessorize something they already have in their wardrobe? Maybe they will call a friend to help? Either way, their style choices will be evaluated on a daily basis by a panel of 3 judges when they take to the catwalk. A yes vote earns them a “You Have Style!” point, and enough of these help protect them from elimination in the weekly prime time shows. With guest celebrities, a daily style parade and big competition, only one woman will be chosen as the most stylish in the country. She will win the big cash prize!