My Wife Rules

Cooking Show
Daily, Access Prime Time

“My Wife Rules” is a unique and entertaining cooking game show in which three couples compete, with the husbands preparing dishes as their wives’ guide them remotely through earpieces. Shown by an expert chef how to prepare the culinary delights, the wives are under pressure to memorize it all and carefully instruct their partners.

With the pressure of a 60-minute time limit, the wives’ communication skills and husbands’ understanding are tested to the full. The show also gives viewers a fun and revealing insight into each couple’s relationship, their mutual understanding and their levels of patience with each other.

As the excitement and tension builds the chef gives a running commentary, injecting humor into the mishaps, and giving insights into how to cook the dish properly. The action is interspersed with interviews in which the husbands and wives reveal their thoughts and feelings about their partners’ performances.

When the time is up, the wives put on blindfolds and judge the dishes  on a scale of 1 to 10, unaware of which dish their husband prepared, as their husbands listen in. The chef then tastes the dishes, grades them and declares the winning couple who get to celebrate with a $10,000 prize.