Trailer (Eng Sub)

Never Let Go

Original Title
Asla Vazgeçmem
Drama Series
Season 1 : 47 X 1 Commercial Hour
Season 2: 118 X 1 Commercial Hour
Weekly, Prime Time

How lovely to see my wife at this unexpected moment

When his wife wakes from a three-year coma on the day he marries his new love, cynical businessman Yiğit Kozan spins an elaborate web of lies to keep both women but must face the truth as the illusion begins to collapse.

The successful life which businessman Yiğit Kozan has built appears shattered when his wife İclal is badly hurt in an accident, for which he himself was responsible. With his wife left in a coma, his cold heart copes by pretending she no longer exists. Their small son Mert believes his mother is in heaven.

Though he does not believe in love, women are drawn to Yiğit’s dark character and the innocent Nur is seduced by his charm. The pretty young woman falls in love, unaware of İclal’s existence, and accepts his marriage proposal. She will find herself trapped in a cage of love.

Nur’s dreams of happiness are destroyed on the day of their wedding, when İclal miraculously wakes from a three-year coma. She and Yiğit face a terrible dilemma and with the choices they make, they spin a complex web of lies, suspicion and jealousy.

Life on the Kozan farm is turned upside down. In deep shock, Yiğit is torn apart by his conscience and desire. He feels helpless for the first time in his life, faced with this incredible twist of fate. Selfishly refusing to give up either of the women, he vows to stand loyally by the fragile İclal while clinging on to Nur.

Nur herself is plunged into a nightmare on what should have been the happiest night of her life. Faced with the biggest deception and betrayal imaginable, she first resolves to leave Yiğit. But he has other plans and seeks to keep her captive.

Yiğit drags her into a fake world of pretense as he secretly seeks to sustain both relationships. Overwhelmed by her feelings for him, she accepts to be Mert’s nanny. She is trapped in a sham performance to deceive İclal. As the lies multiply, it will become increasingly difficult to deceive those around them.

But for now, in her ignorance, İclal is delighted to be reunited with the husband she loves and becomes the victim of an elaborate deception. As the performance gradually begins to fall apart, his relationship with Nur will be put to the test.

Questions about Nur’s background begin to arise with the arrival of Cemal. He reveals he had been married to Nur in a religious ceremony. Consumed by jealousy, Yiğit’s world is turned upside down. Hurt by his lack of trust Nur in turn seeks a divorce to free herself from her gilded cage.

The truth about Yiğit’s relationship with Nur will gradually dawn on İclal as their intimacy stoke her suspicions. His network of lies is at risk of falling apart. Unravelling this complex deception will drag the three of them through an emotional whirlwind which will change their lives forever.