Our Songs

Singing Talent Show
Weekly, Prime Time

“Our Songs” is a thrilling singing contest with an innovative scoring system that fires up 10 contestants to produce their best performances. It is a show designed to reveal the  talent and versatility of the singers, showcasing weekly themes such as songs from previous decades, rock hits and ballads or traditional folk music.

The contestants are divided into two groups of five, with each performing their heart out for the five expert jury members. The show boasts an exciting and unique scoring system. The judges have only a certain number of points to award, giving 10 points to one singer and distributing 7, 3, 5 and 1 to the others.

It is a tough and competitive scoring system that may bring joy or disappointment. With five judges awarding points, singers have the chance to rise or sink further. After performing contestants sit on sofas with their families in the audience, amplify their delight or sadness as the scores are announced.

The highest scorers of the two groups of five battle it out in the night’s final. For each of the contestants the dream is to earn a place in the grand finale at the end of the series. But only a very special performer will be crowned the winner of “Our Songs”.