29 May 2018

Global Agency announced today that their fascinating and compelling quiz show, Joker, will launch on Portuguese pubcaster RTP.

Produced by Valentim de Carvalho with a commitment for 200 episodes, the show will be airing on RTP in September this year. It will be hosted by Vasco Palmeirim, a well - known TV presenter in the region.

Joker has been already sold to Poland (Polsat) and France (France 2). It has been very successful especially in France with 3 seasons and more than 250 episodes, produced by Herve Hubert. Poland has licensed its second season recently. The format also broadcasted on TRT, Turkey’s national public broadcaster, with more than 100 episodes and raised the channel’s ratings by 300%.

Izzet PINTO, Founder & CEO of Globl Agency, said: “We are incedibly grateful to be announcing this prestigious new sales for Joker, one of our most entertaining and challenging quiz shows. 200 episodes commitment of this deal already proves the strenght of the format. Both RTP and Valentim de Carvalho are the best partners for launching the show in Portugal that we couldn’t ask for more. I am sure they will deliver an outstanding performance on the show together and we’re looking forward to see it”.

A quiz show with simple rules and thrilling reversals of fortune right until the end! The contestant will be given 10 questions to answer and 7 Jokers to help them. The first rule is no quitting. All 10 questions must be answered. For every correct answer, the contestants will go up one step on the money tree. Jokers can be used to eliminate wrong answers from the multiple choices offered. If they give a wrong answer, the contestant will lose 3 Jokers. After they have run out of Jokers, they will drop down 3 steps on the money tree with each wrong answer. By the end of the 10th question, they will win the money prize wherever they are positioned on the money tree. Easy to play, fast and compelling viewing! Joker is sure to win big audiences.