Trailer (Eng Sub)

Queen Of The Night

Original Title
Gecenin Kraliçesi
Drama Series
49 x 1 Commercial Hour
Weekly, Prime Time

From now on, nobody will make me suffer like you did

Leaving France to visit Turkey with her son, Selin is drawn into a family riven with jealousy, finding herself torn apart by conflicting passions for the boy’s father Kartal and his father-in-law, Aziz.

The life of Selin, working for a perfume company in France, is turned upside down when she meets the handsome Kartal. He is on a business trip from Turkey. Falling madly in love, the couple spend a few wonderful days together. He travels to Istanbul, with a promise to return. But he keeps a secret from her.

Selin is set to be drawn into a world of family rivalries, jealousy and betrayals in Turkey, her father’s homeland. Kartal, it emerges, has been married for years, but is unhappy and wants a divorce. His wife attempts suicide when divorce is mentioned and Kartal’s father-in-law Aziz resists the break-up.

Meanwhile, Selin discovers she is pregnant and gives birth to a boy. Four years later, she visits Turkey with her son when she learns that her father was married to someone else before her mother. She plans to visit her brother from that marriage.

Travelling to the Black Sea, she spends time with her brother and by chance meets Kartal’s father-in-law. Aziz falls in love with her and proposes marriage, suggesting they live in Istanbul together. Seeing his close relationship with her son and seeking a father figure for him, she accepts the proposal.

In Istanbul, she again meets Kartal, who is unaware they have a son together. He is devastated when he sees her with Aziz, believing she is seeking revenge. He warns that Aziz is dangerous and would kill them both if he discovered their previous relationship. But Selin ignores his warnings.

Kartal realizes how much he loves Selin and suggests they run away together. Selin accepts and they agree to meet at her Istanbul hotel, while Kartal writes a farewell letter for his wife Esra. But Selin rejects him when he arrives, saying he deserved it for what he had done. Kartal is devastated and returns to his wife.

Aziz’s relationship with Selin faces fierce opposition from his family, who believe she is a money grabber. His children reject their marriage plans, hiring a private detective to expose her secrets. Meanwhile, Selin discovers how Aziz had obstructed her love for Kartal in the past.

In a fresh twist of the turbulent relationships between them, Kartal resolves to tell Aziz everything about his affair with Selin. Kartal has discovered they had a son together. Meanwhile, Esra decides that the lack of a child is the cause of her troubles with Kartal and suggests they try to have a baby.

When Aziz learns the truth about Kartal and Selin, he resolves to kill them both. Selin is forced to agree to marry him, fearing he will otherwise kill Kartal. In families torn apart by jealousy, conflicting passions are set to continue pulling Selin and Kartal in opposite directions.