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Original Title
Action Drama
32 X 1 Commercial Hour
Weekly, Prime Time

From now on fight with your enemies, not with each other

Special forces officers Oğuz and Tekin put aside their personal enmity to bring down the Consortium, a malevolent organization which has infiltrated the state and threatens their country’s future.

Special forces captain Oğuz and prime ministerial bodyguard Tekin must overcome the bad blood between them and work together for the nation. After a failed assassination attempt on the head of government, they and four other highly trained officers are tasked with creating a top-secret unit to defend Turkey.

Chaos erupts on February 7 when there is an attempt on the prime minister’s life. Then a military aircraft carrying 34 special forces officers is shot down. Also, a ministry undersecretary is killed on a hospital operating table and the head of intelligence faces interrogation by members of the judiciary.

The concerted attacks change the lives of four men. Oğuz loses two of his men in the plane attack. Tekin suffers shock after the assassination attempt. Deputy Undersecretary Öktem witnesses the suspicious death of his mentor on the operating table and intelligence chief Gürkan becomes suspicious about the motives of his interrogators.

After this national trauma, Öktem becomes the new undersecretary. With Gürkan he decides to set up a new security unit to bring down a clandestine organization, known as the Consortium, which they blame for the mayhem. This group’s members have infiltrated the state and are working against Turkey under the guidance of an organization called the Council of Foreign Relations.

The heroes to lead the secret unit are Oğuz and former special forces officer Tekin. They hate each other after a military operation went wrong in southeast Turkey. But now they must put enmity aside and risk their lives to battle hostile forces that have infiltrated governmental institutions.

Their six-member unit uses secret government funds but they have no official status and should any member be caught or killed, the government will deny knowledge of their actions. Unable to use government facilities, they stand alone relying solely on their own capabilities.

Initially, Oğuz does not want to accept the mission. Blaming the government for the plane attack, he decides to leave Turkey for a new life. But then he finds testimony by his two dead soldiers in a prosecutor’s bag and discovers the plot against the country. Enraged, he vows to avenge the soldiers’ deaths.

Meanwhile, Tekin recognizes one of the assassination gunmen as an informer in eastern Turkey, who had worked with Oğuz. Tekin goes to Oğuz’s home and confronts him. But as they argue the Consortium blows up the house, killing Oğuz’s father. Now convinced of Oğuz’s innocence, they both accept their mission.

Oğuz discovers that his former lover, a doctor named Zeynep, is among the Consortium’s targets. People blame her for the death of the undersecretary, but he sets out to clear her name. Together with Tekin, they will not stop until they have smashed the Consortium.