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Real Estate Kings

Reality Entertainment
Daily, Access Prime Time
Real Estate Kings” is a brand new competition in which 5 contestants from the same area compete to impress the boss of a real estate agency and get the job of their dreams!

In each daily episode, one of the 5 applicants has to take up a challenge imposed by the recruiter.

In the 5 episodes of the week, the buyers assigned to the 5 applicants have the same budget but different needs, from a 4 bedroom house with a garden in the suburbs, to a top floor flat with one large bedroom and a patio in the very center of the city.

Each applicant only has 4 hours to visit as many properties as he wants with his clients, and try to get an offer!

The recruiter watches all the visits, to comment the skills of each applicant.

All the visits are also commented by the other 4 applicants, who won’t hesitate to criticize the properties chosen by their competitors!

In each episode, the applicant of the day receives a grade from his clients, and a grade from the recruiter.

At the end of the Friday episode, the applicant with the best average grade gets a job interview with the recruiter, who decides if he hires him, or not!