Rivals In Law

Cooking Format
2 contestants
Weekly, Access

“Rivals in Law” is an intriguing cooking show exploring the fascinating relationship between a man’s mother and wife as they battle to win his approval in the kitchen. In a fun race against time, they prepare the same dish for the man, who faces the unenviable dilemma of declaring his favorite, without knowing who cooked which.

Before the cooking starts they share their thoughts and feelings about each other in interviews, maybe revealing tensions as they whet the viewers’ appetite for the contest. Once the man has declared which dish he wants, the mother and wife go shopping for ingredients and prepare for their culinary challenge.

Once the dish is cooked in the studio, it will be the chef who lays out the food on the plates to prevent the man recognizing who prepared it. The man then takes his seat and tastes the food as his anxious mother and wife look on, both hoping he prefers their dish.

“Rivals in Law” gives a fascinating and amusing insight into important family relationships, potentially revealing strains between mothers and wives but maybe helping clear the air between them. But what everyone wonders is what will happen between them after the man has chosen his favorite dish?