Rivals In Law

Cooking Format
2 contestants
Weekly, Access
It's a timeless conflict, wife vs. mother-in-law in a domestic test of who's the best cook. With a new wife replacing the mother in the kitchen, cooking is often a competition. Rivals-in-Law is a reality cooking show out to decide the winner once and for all.

In this challenge, the bride and mother must cook a meal of the son's choice. The women have a short amount of time to buy the ingredients and prepare the dish. After the meal is prepared, a celebrity chef will first comment on each dish and then he will present both plates to the son. The son must taste each dish and then make the ultimate choice of which is the best! The winning woman will get a sponsored prize, as well as bragging rights as the better chef.

Throughout the competition, we will see the mother talk about her son's childhood, and his wife will tell stories about how they met and their relationship. This adds a great touch of heart-warming reality to this fiercely competitive and entertaining format!