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Drama Series
89 x 1 commercial hour
Weekly, Prime Time

Sara’s boss offers to pay for her son’s treatment for leukemia if she spends the night with him and when that evolves into love they face a struggle to banish the secret of that night.

The life of talented architect Sara is shattered by family tragedy and illness. Her husband dies in a car crash and she is left to bring up her one-year-old son Ibrahim Jr alone. Her suffering is complete when she discovers that Ibrahim Jr has leukemia and needs urgent medical treatment.

Sara’s sees a glimmer of hope when a matching bone marrow donor is found in another country. She must raise $200,000 for his treatment. Her father-in-law Ibrahim is unwilling to give the money and Sara’s bank refuses to make a loan. She will face a heart-wrenching dilemma that will shape her future.

Amid her anguish, she builds a career as an architect at a major construction company. With no options remaining, she asks her manager Zein to lend her money. While he distrusts women, he is secretly attracted to Sara. He will help on one condition: she must spend the night with him.

The trauma of that night will go on to haunt Sara. Zein too cannot forget it. He arranges a business trip to out of country so that he can be alone with her again. In the hotel elevator, he proposes that she spend the night with him again, doubling the amount of money. She refuses, disgusted by the offer.

Increasingly uncomfortable with Zein’s obsession for her, Sara decides she has only one option. She must leave his company and find new work. Her reaction to his advances makes him realize the error of his ways. He feels growing shame at forcing himself upon her.

Tormented by remorse and regret, Zein tries to show her how much he cares for her. He begins to understand what he has made her endure professionally and personally. As he becomes increasingly attached to her, he is ready to do anything to earn her love.

Convinced that he cannot live without her, Zein asks Sara to marry him and begs her to give him a chance to redeem himself. She finally accepts his marriage proposal as their feelings for each other become stronger. Sara is ready to forget the unpleasant trauma that brought them together.

Their hopes of putting the past behind them are dashed by Zein’s mother, who refuses to agree to their marriage. Only after much persuasion and seeing her son’s love for Sara, does she accept their union. But the sordid start to their relationship is destined to come back and haunt them.

Zein’s business partner Karam knows all about the secret of Sara and Zein and is ready to use it against them. The revelation that Zein paid to spend the night with her puts an unbearable burden on their relationship. They face a long and emotional ordeal to triumph over the challenges to their love.