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Shopping Monsters

Style Format
5 contestants
Daily Strip, Access
Both the glamorous and the tasteless strut their style in this unique competitive makeover format! "Shopping Monsters" is a day time show that combines the elements of competition, gossip, express makeovers and style!

Every week, five women are chosen to compete in "Shopping Monsters." The five women come from different backgrounds, with their individual styles, tastes and perspectives. None of them have ever met each other before and their fellow competitors are their judges!

The rules are quite simple: It's a four hour shopping marathon... make the most of your budget, comply with the concept of the week, and score the highest points by endearing yourself to your rivals.

The women are competing to see who can be the most stylish on a limited budget with only four hours to prepare. Each week, a theme is given to the whole group and the theme changes every week. The budget amount will vary from each country, but it must be enough to give the women a challenge. From their budgets, the women must buy a complete outfit with shoes, handbags and accessories, as well as paying for a trip to the salon for their hair and make-up.

The budget can also vary according to the theme, for example more money could be given to dress for a film gala event, with a smaller budget being allocated for the theme of dressing for a job interview.

The four hour time limit is a big challenge and the clock starts ticking the minute the women start to shop. A camera crew follows as that day's competitor visits every shop to try on different outfits, but the audience does not know which one she has chosen until she takes to the runway.

At the end of her shopping trip, the contestant shows off her new look on the catwalk in front of her four other competitors. A runway is set up back in the studio and the results of her transformation are judged for success or failure. The other women make comments on her style choices in the studio. A top fashion designer also adds commentary on the contestant's look, and gives general style tips to the show's viewers. There is plenty of gossip and backstabbing as the women rate each other on their style choices.

After the runway, the other women are invited backstage to a private room where they make additional comments to the camera. Then, they give points to that day's competitor by writing a score on a mirror in red lipstick. They can give points from 1 to 10.

On the final day, all the women come to the studio wearing their chosen outfits and watch the last competitor's makeover. Final points are given and then the overall results are finally announced. The one with the most points is awarded a cash prize.

Some of the theme concepts in "Shopping Monsters" include dressing for your best friend's wedding, Women over 40, your birthday party, Plus Sizes, Jetsetters and Sexy Blondes.

"Shopping Monsters" has endless product placement, sponsorship and advertising opportunities. It can also go interactive by giving women the chance to post pictures of their own styles on a "Shopping Monsters" website, and then other users can rate them.