Stairway To Fame

Singing Talent Show
weekly, prime Time
Stairway To Fame is a studio based, 14 weeks long marathon to find the next big vocal star of the country. The studio is set up with a revolving stage, divided in two by a frosted panel of glass. There are three stages to the competition and contestants are eliminated in each one. In the first stage, the contestant will appear behind the frosted panel. Four judges will vote on their performance, and if they get at least two votes, the stage rotates to reveal the contestant. In the next phase, three out of four votes from the jury will now light up a stairway leading to the orchestra for the successful contestant. Once there, they will need to win over the studio audience by getting %70 of their vote in the third phase. If they pass, they will take a seat behind the judges, be able to vote for other contestants and their votes count with the audience’s.