Stand By Me

Singing Talent Show
12 contestants, 5 jury members
Weekly, Prime Time
Stand By Me is a hot new duet project where the celebrity jury members are also contestants!

In this 18-week singing competition, each juror must choose their own team of 10 to compete in battle rounds, but there’s a catch: the juror has to sing with them in a high-energy duet. In phase one, contestants audition, singing for 90 seconds alone, after the 90 seconds the 5 jurors have a chance to pull their uniquely colored handle to light up the contestant’s platform that color and add them to their team. If a contestant is chosen for a team, the juror who chose them joins them on the stage to finish the audition song. In phase two, the contestants begin the battle rounds and eliminations begin. The jury members choose one mentee to compete in a singing battle, and the mentee and the celebrity sing a duet together. This means the jury members become contestants as well!

In the grand finale, 8 contestants will sing their hearts out for the final prize: to record a duet single with their mentor judge. A prize that will launch their careers.