19 Feb 2016

Global Agency's successful daily cooking format "Blind Taste" continues to accumulate worldwide sales with recent new orders from Greece and Sweden.

Star TV (Greece) licensed an additional 60 episodes of the format after its successful launch and the channel has just ordered another 55 episodes. It started airing on Star TV in October 2015 and is leading the ratings in its time slot.

In Sweden, Blind Taste has been airing from Monday to Thursday on TV3 (MTG), one of the leading television channels. The show has increased the channel’s number of viewers for that slot by 70%. After this success, 28 more episodes were licensed for the second season.

The show is also being broadcasted in Ukraine on K1, in Russia on Friday TV (formerly known as MTV Russia) and in Turkey on Kanalturk, where it has tripled the ratings for its slot.

Blind Taste is the world’s most fair cooking format. In every episode, a celebrity chef teaches the week's four contestants how to cook a new recipe. Using exactly the same ingredients and equipment, each of the contestants has two hours to cook the recipe for themselves. When the four meals are ready, it's not the chef, but the contestants who judge the food. Wearing blindfolds, each of them must rate the four attempts at the recipe. And because they don't know whose food they're judging, honesty is key – any of the dishes could be their own! At the end of the week, the points are totalled, and the winning contestant walks away with the grand prize.

The format was developed by the same creator of Global Agency's other hit formats ‘Shopping Monsters’ and ‘Joker.’

Izzet Pinto, CEO of Global Agency, said: “Blind Taste has always been one of the top selling brands. Its unique approach in grading the dishes blindfolded makes the show fun and exciting. We are hoping to close deals in at least in 7-8 countries during 2016.”