Tahiti Quest

Family Adventure, Game Show
Weekly, Prime Time
Tahiti Quest is a new family adventure format that takes five ordinary families to the journey of their lives.

For five incredible weeks, families consisting of two parents and two children between the ages of 8 and 12 years settle in the ultimate paradise island Tahiti and compete with each other in the most fun, challenging and intense games that require family teamwork, endurance and determination! Far from their everyday lives, parents will try to make their children proud, moms will impress dads, brothers and sisters will leave their arguments aside to stick together.

Each day, families will face challenges based on Polynesian legends and traditions. Sometimes they will compete on their own, sometimes as pairs and sometimes as a family. Children and parents have to work together as a team, and each team is only as strong as its weakest link: it is up to the families to pull it together.

The viewers are captivated by the fresh and uplifting way of bringing parents and children together while the families try their very best to win and test the strength of their own family relations. The victorious family walks away with a life-changing amount of cash and a one-month vacation in a dream paradise of their very own.