Thank You

Factual Entertainment
Weekly, Prime Time
“Thank You” is a factual entertainment program that gives the famous people a chance to have a glance back to their past to remember and express their gratitude to a person who helped them to be the great success they are today!

The program presents us celebrities who achieved a great success in different areas such as in business, arts, politics, sports or entertainment worlds.

They will be given the opportunity to show their appreciation and thank people who helped them in their past. The production team will investigate and find several important figures that played an important role in the celebrity´s life and choose the most influential character among them. At the next step, further investigation aiming to find out about the current problems in their life takes place. The celebrity will not just say a dry thank you, but bring solutions to their problems, such as taking care of health issues, resolving financial setbacks by helping start a business, making peace between them and a friend or family member they broke ties with or any other setbacks they may have in life.

The most surprising and emotional moment will be the finale where the “Thank You Party” takes place, as the celebrity’s identity will remain confidential to the thanked person until this last part of the show.