The Angels

Original Title
Melekler Korusun
155 x 1 Commercial hor
Weekly, Prime Time

If you have a dream, you should have the courage to pursue it to the end.

Teenager Ipek persuades her mother Melek (“angel” in Turkish) to support her dream of moving to Istanbul in order to become an actress, launching them on an urban adventure full of romance and fun.

Ipek, an ambitious teenage girl from a provincial town, is desperate to move to the big city and fulfill her dream of becoming an actress. But experience has taught her mother Melek the dangers that life holds. As Ipek launches on her romantic adventure in Istanbul, her guardian angel mother will be behind her all the way.

Melek, whose name means angel, lives for her 17-year-old daughter only. They live in a cosy house in the humdrum town of Balikesir, south of Istanbul. Working hard as a tailor to give Ipek a good upbringing, Melek constantly reminds her of the importance of a solid profession for a comfortable life.

The dutiful Ipek reluctantly goes along with her mother’s dream of sending her to medical school to become a nurse. Her mother is delighted when Ipek scrapes through in the nationwide medical school exam. However, she faces a tough task confessing to her mother that she doesn’t want to go.

Determined to become an actress, Ipek dreams of going to Istanbul. When she drops this bombshell news, her mother is horrified and puts her foot down: Ipek will go to medical school, whether she likes it or not. Knowing Melek’s stubbornness, Ipek must apply in secret to the performing arts school.

Ipek sets out on her adventure to Istanbul. To her great delight, she successfully passes the audition. After all her self-doubt, she has won a place in theatre school. But now she has other worries. How will she tell her mother? How will she survive alone in the big city? Can she persuade Melek to come with her?

First, Melek will have to overcome a lifetime of fear. She has virtually never left Balikesir, aside from a few brief trips. She knows that big cities are daunting and dangerous. Her life has given her very good reason to be scared. She had another child before Ipek, who died.

Like mother, like daughter, Ipek is very stubborn herself. Melek realizes the only solution is to go with Ipek and protect her. Amid the chaotic streets, bustle and bright lights of the city, Melek will discover that Istanbul is not all bad.

Selling her house, Melek moves to Istanbul with Ipek and they start a new life full of both fun and hardship. More importantly for Ipek, she will make her mark in the world of acting, finding many admirers and romance.

While she must cope with the hazards that come with living in the big city, there are also surprises, adventures and new opportunities. As Ipek says, “If you have a dream, you should have the courage to pursue it to the end. Hello Istanbul, the capital of my freedom.”