The Best Family Recipe

Reality Cooking Show
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The Best Family Recipe” spices up the cooking contest format with four amateur cooks competing with personal dishes inspired by a fascinating family experience, a love story or simply a passion for cuisine.

“The Best Family Recipe” spices up the cooking contest format with recipes inspired by a family experience, love story or tale of passion for cooking. Four amateur cooks compete each day in three rounds: the pitch, the plate, and the taste. The daily winners earn a chance to win a prize in Friday’s finale.

As the cooks each pitch their signature dish, they must win over three jury members, telling the meal’s story as they describe its preparation, taste and appearance. The other contestants pass comment on their rivals while the jury deliberates and votes off the least convincing cook.

The three remaining cooks prepare and serve their dishes, but the jury will then pass judgement again, eliminating the least appetizing plate. The jury members taste the two remaining dishes and select the cook to join the four in Friday’s final who must a different family recipe to win over five culinary experts.

The studio setting is designed to create a cozy atmosphere in which to hear stories from contestants who may come from different corners of the world, with experience of success or hardship. With recipes easily prepared at home, it is a fascinating show that appeals to housewives, students and all cooking fans.