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The Boy

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Only one person is innocent in this tale: The Boy

The life of Akça is turned upside down when she goes in search of the son she gave up for adoption and is drawn into the turmoil of a powerful family which is about to be confronted by its arch enemy Hasan, Akça’s former lover.

For mothers and their children life can present the most painful challenges. Such is the case for the beautiful Akça, the daughter of a prostitute. She discovers in her lover Hasan the hope of escaping the misery of her life, but reality bites when she becomes pregnant and his true face is revealed.

The would-be hero Hasan destroys Akça’s dream of happiness when he beats her and her unborn baby. The only way to save her baby from the misery she herself experienced is to give him up for adoption. She turns to the wealthy and respected Karasu family and its matriarch Asiye as the baby’s best hope for a happy life.

Five years later, Akça’s life is turned upside down when she discovers that her son, Efe, is not living the peaceful and happy life that she envisaged. Even if she cannot be a mother, she will do all she can to ensure that her son is safe and protected.

Efe’s upbringing is entrusted to Şule, the wife of Asiye’s eldest son Ali Kemal. For a time, all is well and the infant Efe lives a charmed life, loved by his new family. But all changes when Şule gives birth to her own son Burak. Şule now begins to lose interest in the son whom she adopted five years earlier.

The greatest hope of saving the situation is Ali Kemal. He was put in charge of the family business by his mother after his father abandoned the family home. He never lets Asiye or anyone else down and is ready to take on every necessary burden for the sake of the Karasu family. But he will now face his hardest test.

All their lives are turned upside down when they learn the big secret which Asiye has kept for so long. They discover that Efe is the son of Hasan, who is himself Asiye’s illegitimate son. Ali Kemal is shocked to discover that the child is not his own.

Life in the Karasu family mansion is about to become even more volatile when Hasan himself walks through the door. Hasan has not only caused Akça much grief but is also the chief enemy of the Karasus. Hasan began his life in an orphanage.

Anger fills the space in his life left by the absence of a mother and father, and he becomes a troublemaker, involved in illegal activities.

When he leaves prison, haunted by the pain of losing his only true love, Akca, he goes in search of her. He now takes a step towards the past which has been hidden from him for so long. Hasan has no idea that his son is alive and living in the Karasu house.