The Doors

Factural Reality
Weekly, Late Prime Time
Sometimes, if you open enough doors, you find the answers you’ve been searching for.

In this show, we open doors to investigate real-life murder cases. Combining real footage, scripted re-enactments and testimony from experts and family members, we'll come to understand and appreciate the circumstances of some high-profile crimes.

Each episode takes a look at a notorious slaying and tell the story of the murder from the victim’s point of view. A host guides us, as we use all available tools, to build up an accurate picture of a brutal and well-known case. In this way, we'll shed light on the motives and circumstances of the crimes themselves. Our experts and those involved in the case will also talk about what life could've been like for the victims, had they never met their killers.

The most important element of the format are the doors, taking audience from the real crime locations/scripted part to the inside of the studio where experts such as attorneys, detectives and pscyhologist are giving their opinions about how to avoid this kind of murders. On the otherhand, relatives of the victim and witnesses involved in each case add depth to the stories. Another important element about this format is, combination of the real footages (like news footage and police surveillance camera footage, security camera footages) with scripted drama. This adds a sense of reality and help the continuation of the excitement in the program.

Join us as we investigate true crimes, and create a complete picture. Everything you need to know lies behind…