The Inheritors

Social Experiment, Reality
Weekly, Prime Time
“The Inheritors” is a social reality experiment program where the children of the richest start out seeing an entirely new world to them.

They are born into luxury and comfort, without ever having any limitations in their finances, indulge by their parents who allowed them what the successful adults are not able to have.

They thought that poverty and illnesses existed only in the movies, but now they are going to learn what a man who does not have enough money for milk feels, when one doesn’t have the funds for carrying out a necessary health operation.

As they are now taken into towns they have never even heard of before, they will pretend they are part of an entirely made-up programme called “Greenhorns” that is about the children of problem families, who are trying to build the new life in another town, without their parents. As a matter of fact, their task is to survive in this unknown town to them without money, mobile phone and parental support!

In each episode, there will be one heir/heiress who will spend 5 days in the new town  where they will have to build a new life, making new acquaintances, without telling anybody about their actual position. They have to survive for 4 days on their own and on the 5th, they have to return back to give their new friends a helping hand.

The evolution of their attitude will be clearly observed in every episode. They will need to prove that they are able to cope with difficulties, solve problems without parental money and help people who really need it. Will the spoiled brat at the beginning of the first episode turn into a mature and responsible young adult at the end?