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The Oath

Original Title
Action Drama
Season 1: 35 X 1 Commercial Hour
Season 2: 109 X 1 Commercial Hour
Season 3: 100 X 1 Commercial Hour
Weekly, Prime Time

We did not come here to be martyrs. We came to defend our flag and save lives.

Charismatic special forces commander Yavuz avenges the killing of his fiancée in a terrorist attack and leads his 12 men in operations at the Eastern border to hunt down the militants behind the campaign of violence.

When lieutenant Yavuz proposes to his girlfriend Merve, the happiness of the moment is shattered by a vicious terrorist attack. The brave Yavuz kills three of the attackers, but Merve is badly wounded by a suicide bomber. Devastated by her death despite Doctor Bahar’s efforts, he vows to seek revenge on those responsible.

Thus, begins the story of 12 soldiers in an elite task force, led by charismatic commander Yavuz and bound by friendship, devotion and patriotism carrying out the world’s toughest profession in a challenging territory. Yavuz leaps into action when his commanding officer’s daughter is abducted at the Eastern border. Tracking down the kidnappers, he rescues her and avenges his fiancée’s killing.

Doctor Bahar enters Yavuz’s life when she comes to the conflict zone, leaving her luxurious Istanbul world behind. Yavuz is romantically drawn to her. But his focus is on capturing the militant leader Colak and they become locked in a psychological war, with the lives of the lieutenant’s 12-member task force at stake.

In an action-packed adventure, the soldiers must deal with a wedding massacre, thwart further attacks and discover the identity of Yavuz’s long-lost father who is in the middle of all this pandemonium. The twelve pursue the terrorists with commitment and courage. United by loyalty, they bind closer together in the fight with hostile forces.