The Oath

Season 1: 35 X 1 Commercial Hour
Season 2: 109 X 1 Commercial Hour
Season 3: 100 X 1 Commercial Hour
Weekly, Prime Time
Star TV

We did not come here to be martyrs. We came to defend our flag and save lives

Charismatic special forces commander Yavuz avenges the killing of his fiancée in a terrorist attack and leads his 12 men in a battle at the Syrian border to hunt down the militants behind a campaign of violence.

The happy moment of a marriage proposal by lieutenant Yavuz to his girlfriend Merve is shattered when terrorists launch a major attack on the shopping mall they are visiting. The courageous Yavuz leaps into action and kills three attackers. But Merve is badly wounded when a suicide bomber blows herself up.

Doctor Bahar urgently operates on Merve in a bid to save her. But the efforts are in vain as she passes away. Devastated and in pain, the special forces commander Yavuz is determined to get revenge on those responsible for this attack, which killed the love of his life.

Thus begins the story of 12 soldiers in the Turkish army’s elite task force, interwoven with love, friendship, devotion and patriotism. Their fight against terrorists is imbued with dogged bravery under the leadership of a brilliant, charismatic commander, fighting for his country and justice.

Yavuz finds an opportunity for retribution when the daughter of his commanding officer Lieutenant Colonel Erdem is abducted at the Syrian border. He discovers that the militant group behind the mall attack have seized her. Tracking down the kidnappers he rescues her and avenges the killing of his fiancée.

Bahar, the doctor who fought in vain to save Merve, enters Yavuz’s life when she too comes to the conflict zone. Deeply affected by the attack, she leaves her luxurious Istanbul life behind and finds herself attracted to the lieutenant. For now, love is a closed book for Yavuz but with time they will be drawn together.

The special forces commander dedicates himself to the task of capturing the militant leader Çolak, who is seeking to obtain missiles from an arms dealer. The two men become locked in a psychological war, with the lives of the 12-member task force at stake. Bahar will be called upon to save the wounded, whether soldier or terrorist.

The brave soldiers will also have to contend with the risk of operations going wrong. A wedding massacre shocks the whole of Turkey and a critical decision made in the heat of the moment causes Yavuz problems. The media distort the story, putting the military into a tough situation.

The task force discovers that the militant group is preparing yet another large-scale attack and Yavuz must again lead the soldiers into action. When the lieutenant finds out his father, whom he thought had died three years ago, is still alive and captured by the terrorist group, his task becomes that much tougher.

These 12 soldiers come together to fight for a common cause at the risk of their lives. In comradeship, devotion and courage they go in pursuit of a terrorist leader and his supporters. United in love and loyalty, the more they lose along the way, the tighter they bind together.