The Perfect Wardrobe

Fashion Competition
Daily / Access Prime Time or Daytime
THE PERFECT WARDROBE is the first Fashion competition where the contestants are not judged by professional experts or by their competitors, but by a POPULAR JURY of REAL PEOPLE coming from very different backgrounds.

They are the voice of all viewers to judge the contestants!

To watch and comment everything, our POPULAR JURY is comfortably settled in the sofa of one of their homes.

In each episode, they discover the dressing room of 3 new contestants eager to prove that they have THE PERFECT WARDROBE to be trendy for any occasion!

In the first round, each contestant presents her favorite items from her wardrobe, and a look that they love for a FREE THEME.

Each judge from our POPULAR JURY gives his opinion, before giving points to the contestant for her FREE THEME look.

Then the 3 contestants go to the second round to present a look for an IMPOSED THEME, for example : « FEMININE FOR A FIRST DATE ».

They have to prove to our POPULAR JURY that their wardrobe is perfect to be trendy for any occasion! 

The contestant with best total score after the 2 rounds wins a cash prize of 1,000 € !

THE PERFECT WARDROBE is a very cost effective show about style with a lot of fashion ideas and tips from the contestants, but also very funny comments from the same returning jury of ordinary people that viewers will love watching every day !

The format can be adapted according to the territories : - for territories with low budgets, the popular jury can be shot watching the footage in the sofa of one of them, which will be very cost effective.

- for territories with bigger budgets, they can also shoot the popular jury in a little set, behind a desk like in a talent show, but with real people as judges instead of stars.