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The Phoenix

Original Title
84 x 1 commercial hour
Weekly, Prime Time


The beautiful Zümrüt strives to find love amid the jealousies and betrayals of the rich Demirkan family in this powerful and moving drama, set in a mansion rocked by murder, vengeance and passion.

The beautiful Zümrüt carries the burden of looking after her sick father, her mother and two sisters by working for the powerful Demirkan family. In her quest for happiness, she must find a way through the deceptions, betrayals and secrets of the Demirkans’ world as she seeks a path towards love.

Adil Demirkan is in love Zümrüt, but she views him more like an older brother and  is secretly in a relationship with his nephew Serhat. Zümrüt and Serhat are planning to marry after his military service. However, her world falls apart when she hears that he has died on active duty.

Believing him dead, Zümrüt can no longer resist the pressure from her mother to marry the wealthy Adil. But Serhat appears just as she and Adil make their wedding vows and there is a further twist of fate when Adil is killed by an unknown assailant on their wedding night.

Zümrüt is now deeply resented by Serhat and discovers that Adil’s older brother wants her for himself. As she strives to survive amid the scheming and plotting in the Demirkan Mansion, she and Serhat will make discoveries which will transform how they view both those around them, and each other.