The Promise

Original Title
32 X 1 Commercial Hour
Weekly, Prime Time

I’ll be by your side, even if the world is on fire

Army officer Fırat accidentally kills Halit before his wedding to Zelal and uncovers a dark plot, which leads him to protect Zelal from hostile forces as they become romantically involved.

When army officer Fırat accidentally kills Halit before his wedding to Zelal, he realizes a dark plot is at work. Investigating further, he vows to protect Zelal from sinister forces at work within Halit’s family. As he is drawn deeper into the world of the powerful Kozaklıs, he also finds himself becoming attracted to Zelal.

After graduating from university in Istanbul, Zelal returns to her hometown Ürgüp in central Turkey to work as a tour guide. There she falls in love with Halit, eldest son of the wealthy Kozaklı family. Halit's step brother Ekrem and his mother Hatun do not approve of their planned wedding and vow to prevent it.

Hatun wants her son to run the family business and the marriage would prevent that. She sets a trap with Meryem, enemy of the Kozaklıs. She seeks revenge for the death of her daughter Zehra in childbirth when she was married to Halit’s father, Tahir. It is assumed that Zehra’s baby died too, but he survived: he is Fırat.

In the middle of their wedding preparations, Halit must leave on business and vows he will return soon. But after an anonymous tip-off, soldiers search Halit’s car for illicit goods. Amid gunfire, Fırat shoots Halit. His last words, “I am innocent, officer”, prick Fırat’s conscience.

After finding a gun and drugs in the car, Fırat begins following Halit’s fiancée Zelal. Ekrem and his mother Hatun are shocked by Halit’s death, having only wanted to send him to prison. Only Zelal and Halit’s mother believe he was innocent. Tahir washes his hands of his son for dishonoring the family, putting Ekrem in charge of his business.

Zelal organizes Halit’s funeral alone and Ekrem only helps because he loves her and wants to win her affection. He asks his father’s permission to marry Zelal and he agrees in accordance with family tradition. They decide to wait until the period of mourning is over.

Tahir explains the wedding tradition to Zelal’s father and he respects this, but says Zelal would never accept it. Zelal is horrified to see Ekrem’s dark side when he beats up his sister. Now running the family business, Ekrem meets the mafia thugs who trapped Halit and demand more money for their work.

Romance blossoms between Fırat and Zelal as they investigate the case and battle Ekrem and his mother, who guard their secret. Ekrem first forces Zelal to flee and then sets fire to the house of her father, who is saved by Fırat.

As the sinister plotting continues around them, Fırat and Zelal must combat the various threats directed at them. As they find strength from the growing love between them, their only hope is each other.