The Rolling Kitchen

Cooking / Game Show
Weekly, Prime Time

The cooking show format undergoes a genuine revolution in “The Rolling Kitchen”, where two couples compete to see which team can create the best dish on a stage which rotates 180 degrees every 10 minutes.

In “The Rolling Kitchen” two couples compete to create the best dishes on a stage which rotates 180 degrees every 10 minutes. Each team must prepare two dishes within 40 minutes for a cash prize in a contest which requires mental agility, flexibility and a cool head in a race against time.

The four kitchens are arranged in a circle, divided into two blue and two red sections for each of the four contestants. Couples must read each other’s minds as they cannot discuss the cooking process. Every 10 minutes they are rotated to face their partner’s dish, which they must complete.

The sudden change in setting is a source of confusion for the contestants and amusement for the viewers. Expect expressions of panic from competitors who know they cannot confer as time ticks by. They may have to repair damage done by their partner or may ruin the dish themselves.

But even if things go wrong, all is not lost. The couples have lifelines and can briefly speak by phone or work in the same kitchen to revive their prospects before the judges taste their creations and reach a verdict. But whichever way they twist or turn, there can only be one winning couple.