The Secret World of Magnificent Century

8 Episodes x 1 Commercial Hour

Having been sold to over 50 territories, Magnificent Century is one of Turkey’s greatest productions and continues to captivate viewers all over the world. Now, The Secret World of Magnificent Century will reveal what it takes to make such a grand and mesmerizing series. Each episode exposes a different area of the production, cast and crew.

Episode 1- Birth of the Phenomenon: How it all started and how it became a success in Turkey and internationally
Episode 2- Magnificent Scenes – special effects and more
Episode 3- Sultan Suleiman
Episode 4- Hurrem: From Slavery to becoming the Queen
Episode 5- Princes: Games of Power
Episode 6- Women of The Palace
Episode 7- Behind the Scenes: fun moments
Episode 8- Magnificent Details: Designs, costumes, Grand Bazaar scenes