The Truth Detector

Family Entertainment
Weekly, Access Prime
8 children take part in this studio show. First the tiny guests are introduced and video clips show their full personalities at home.

Then the host will ask them carefully crafted questions to get them talking. They don’t know what the machine on the table is for, but quickly realize that The Truth Detector beeps every time the full truth is not told! Meanwhile, the parents or guardians of the child are listening in backstage. They have the real answers to the questions. The machine of course is fake, the host also knows the real answers and controls it as they chat. In a charming and funny interview style, the kids are gently steered to admitting the truth about how much they help at home, what time they really go to sleep, and numerous other cute and innocent confessions. Every kid gets a prize at the end of the show, and the audience is left sweetly entertained.