20 Nov 2019

Global Agency CEO İzzet Pinto received the outstanding achievement award at the TOA Awards 2019, one of America’s most prestigious award ceremonies, for his contributions to Turkey’s cultural promotion and his role in bringing Turkish series to the world. At the award ceremony in the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, opposite the White House, İzzet Pinto was the only person from abroad to be honored with the outstanding achievement award.

The TOA Awards, which have brought a new attitude and momentum to relations between Turkey and the United States, this year bestowed an award for the first time to the series and film export sector. As a result of the intense work and research of the TurkOfAmerica Association, the TOA Awards are given to Turks and Americans who have made a name for themselves with international outstanding achievement in the fields of business, culture, society and academia.
İzzet Pinto is the CEO of Global Agency, the largest global exporter of Turkish films and series, and he received his award from the former U.S. Secretary of the Interior (2017-2019) Ryan Zinke. “Receiving such an award at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, I am very honored, and I think that Turkish series have a positive impact in relations between the two countries as a result of Turkey’s cultural power,” Pinto said. “I believe that us being the second biggest exporter of series in the world after America will be positive in opening a path for other sectors and will give support to many other export areas. At the same time, this success gives extra importance to culture exports,” he added.