Reality Game Show
Daily, Access PT
Upgrade is a fresh, new reality game show that comes into the viewers’ homes and offers them the chance to upgrade their old household items by answering trivia questions. This out-of-studio game show is filmed in the players’ own houses allowing them to take part in a game show without leaving the comfort of the family sofa (unless they want to upgrade it for something new!). The participants are asked a series of trivia questions and if they answer the majority of them correctly, they can win a variety of electronic appliances or furniture on the spot. The catch is that they have to play on their chosen items in order to participate, and if they lose, those items are going to be lock (with a locker) for 30 days by the Host in front of their eyes, and they will not be allowed to use those items for 30 days**.

Upgrade is the ultimate reality game show. It’s simple, fun, suspenseful and most importantly, everyone wants to play because everyone has something in their home which they want to upgrade!

Upgrade is a proven ratings success in 20 territories. Production companies and broadcasters love Upgrade because it is flexible. It has been aired as both a primetime and late afternoon daily show.

Why do people love to watch Upgrade? Because Upgrade speaks the television language the viewers have come to love and expect; it deals with the dream we all secretly harbor – the dream of upgrading and improving our lives, although like every dream, there is the possibility it won’t come true.

Upgrade is also the perfect game show for commercial sponsorship. It is the best vehicle for product placement and advertising. Who wouldn’t want a family or group of people to gasp and cheer for their products in primetime television? Recent versions of Upgrade have been sponsored by large department stores for both furniture and electronics.