Uprising Kitchen

Cooking Show
Weekly, Prime Time

Uprising Kitchen” is an intriguing and entertaining cooking show in which a first-class chef, a housewife, and a novice compete to produce the best dish, with the experienced cooks facing unique challenges to even out the contest. The format treats viewers to a cooking battle packed with fun, frustrations, and ingenuity.

The three contestants are set the task of preparing a dish based on a shared theme, but their cooking expertise is reflected in their hugely contrasting budgets. While the amateur cook has $100 to spend on ingredients and the housewife has $20, the professional chef will have to make do with just $5!

The master chef must also work with just a tiny counter, while the amateur has a large cooking area and the housewife a medium-sized space. Cards drawn from a lottery machine enable contestants to set challenges for their rivals or give themselves an extra advantage.

A panel of experts finally passes judgment on the culinary efforts, bringing joy or disappointment to the contestants in a show that gives inspiration not just to the contestants but also viewers. As the contest heats up the viewers pick their favorites, but only one can win out in this unique cooking contest.